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Let our highly skilled team of professional concreters at Master Crete Design & Construction add value to your home with a well deserved update. Choose from our range of services including exposed aggregate concrete driveways, decorative pavements, swimming pools, retaining walls, rendered fences, custom features  as well as landscaping.

We are proud to be a family owned business, established in 2001 by Frank Grasso. With over 20 years of experience you are assured that we have the skills and experience to always deliver the highest standard of concrete services that will enhance the look and feel of your home. Better still, you only have to deal with one person, being Frank himself, throughout your project. This ensures that the highest standards are adhered at all times. 

Our tradesmen are members of the HIA. This means they know and uphold the highest quality and standards (AS-2870) required for concrete works. We provide our specialised concreting services throughout Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs. 

Concrete Finishes

We have extensive experience in all types of high end concrete finishes. This includes the very popular exposed aggregate finish. Modern concreting techniques now means that you are no longer limited to plain concrete for your driveway or landscaping. You can now customise the appearance of concrete so that it enhances the look of your home, as well as creating a great first impression. So, no matter what improvements you are planning, there are a lot of options available. This also means there will be one that is just right for your next home improvement project.

Here is a Selection of Some of the Most Popular Concrete Finishes:

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete uses a specialty mix of concrete to match the concrete colour with a suitable aggregate. Once the concrete is poured, and soft set, the surface is treated to remove the top layer of concrete so that the aggregate is exposed. This technique provides a textured finish that aids traction and provides a variable appearance that is highly prized.

Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete uses speciality additives to the concrete during mixing. These additives change the colour of the cured concrete. As a result, once the concrete is fully set, it will have the chosen finished colour.

Stenciled Concrete

Stenciled concrete uses a specialty mix of concrete. This allows the stencil pattern to be imprinted onto the surface of the concrete before it cures. It also allows colours to be added after the concrete has been poured. The result is detailed finish that is often multi coloured.

Polished Concrete

Similar in mix to exposed aggregate, polished concrete uses a specialty mix of concrete to match the concrete colour with a suitable aggregate. Once the concrete is poured, it is left to fully cure. Once cured, a grinding polisher is used to remove the top most layer of concrete. This process leaves the surface smooth and exposes the aggregate as a polished finish. Polished concrete is normally sealed to protect the surface and maintain its high polish presentation.

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What We Do

New Driveway

Driveways, Crossovers & Footpaths

Driveways, entry ways, crossovers and footpaths provide people with access to your home. This is often the first thing people notice about a house, so it needs to create a great first impression. A quality driveway and footpath can considerably increase the value of your home, so make an investment that counts.

Swimming Pool Surounds

Swimming Pools & Landscaping

Backyards and front gardens need to look good as well as providing a space to relax and entertain. For some, a swimming pool is essential. For others, an alfresco dining / outdoor entertaining area is the way to go. Regardless of your focus, it needs to be landscaped to match your home. Complementing your landscaping with quality edges, paths and surfaces will always impress.


Excavations, Foundations & Formwork

You may be looking to have a new house built and require excavations, terracing, foundations and slabs poured. Alternatively, it could be an inbuilt swimming pool or landscaping in your garden that is needed. Having the right people with the right equipment for the job is essential. We have a mini excavator, truck and trailer, and a qualified team that know how to get the best out of your garden. We do formwork, pour slabs and foundations.

Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls & Decorative Fencing

When your land isn’t flat, terracing and using retaining walls can result in better use of your garden. In addition, by adding feature fencing, rather than just palings, you can vastly improve the appeal of your garden (both front and back). Whether you use rendered concrete fences, or sleepers and posts, quality fences always need to be anchored into the ground with concrete footings.

Concrete Washing & Resealing

If your driveway, pavements, outdoor living areas and other concreted areas around your home are looking worn, discoloured or stained then washing and resealing it may be an option. It will add years to the life of the concrete. We will either high pressure wash or acid wash the concrete to get it ready to be resealed. We then use a high grade sealer to provide a protective barrier to make your concrete look great for years to come.

Turntables & Speciality Work

When you are looking to get speciality work completed, like having a vehicle turntable in your driveway, you need more than just someone who pours concrete. We have experience installing the mechanical requirements for vehicle turntables and the know how to embed them into driveways. We are also flexible in our ability to use concrete in new and interesting ways to enhance the design and functionality of your outdoor areas.

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