Concrete Finishes

With the extensive range of high end concrete finishes now available, there is sure to be one that suits your home and lifestyle. In particular, exposed aggregate continues to be the concrete finish of choice for many. 

However, there are many other options for you to choose from, if you are looking for something a bit different. For example, stenciled concrete is a favoured choice if you are looking for a highly decorative finish.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Once you have seen the finished look of exposed aggregate concrete, it becomes evident as to why this concrete finish is so popular. It is especially used a lot for driveways as it always creates a great first impression.

What makes exposed aggregate concrete such a popular concrete finish is both due to it’s durability and versatility. In fact, there are so many colours and textures to choose from, it might be hard for you to make your final choice!

Exposed aggregate concrete uses a specialty mix of concrete with a suitable aggregate using your choice of colour. 

Once the concrete is poured, and soft set, the surface is treated to remove the top layer of concrete so that the aggregate is exposed. This technique results in a textured finish that aids traction. It also provides a unique variable appearance that is highly prized.

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Coloured Concrete

For a modern and natural look, coloured concrete is proving to be an increasingly popular solution. This is because it is durable, hard wearing and has a great finish. It is particularly suited to Melbourne’s harsh weather conditions.

It is also easy to maintain it’s great look. It is popular for home owners on a budget as it is considered one of the most cost effective types of concrete finishes. This is especially true if you are concreting a large area such as a driveway.

The extensive range of colours means that you can have a colour that blends in with your home. Alternatively, you can choose a colour that provides a striking contrast.

Coloured concrete uses specialty additives to the concrete during mixing. These additives change the colour of the cured concrete. We mix the colour into the concrete prior to laying it. This is to make sure that the result is a rich and even colour.

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Stencilled Concrete

If you are looking for a durable concrete solution but with the classic look of brick, cobblestone, tiles, stone or slate then stenciled concrete is the answer. Stencilled concrete creates an amazingly realistic finish.

Stencilled concrete is a particularly good choice if you are looking for a customised solution to suit your specific requirements. This is because there are so many different colours and patterns to choose from. Two main pattern styles are traditional interlocking bricks or a more random style (sometimes called crazy paving)

Stencilled concrete uses a special concrete mix that allows the stencil pattern to be imprinted onto the surface of the concrete before it cures. It also allows colours to be added after the concrete has been poured. The result is a detailed finish that looks great. You can even have multiple colours.

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Polished Concrete

Turn a plain concrete floor into a stunning and long lasting one with polished concrete. It is particularly popular for floors in homes – especially in living areas. It is also used for garage floors for a high end finish.

Polished concrete has a similar concrete mix to exposed aggregate concrete.  It uses a specialty mix of concrete to match the concrete colour with a suitable aggregate.

Once the concrete is poured, it is left to fully cure. Once cured, a grinding polisher is used to remove the top most layer of concrete. This process leaves the surface smooth and exposes the aggregate as a polished finish. 

Some of the benefits of polished floors include it being long lasting, easy to maintain and clean, as well as being stylish.

Polished concrete floors are normally sealed to protect the surface and maintain its high polish presentation. 

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